At Silicon Reef we ensure thorough testing is factored into the delivery life-cycle of all our projects. Our clients have confidence knowing that each project will launch with the assurance that rigorous testing has been carried out at every step of development and transition to their production environments.    

Developing solutions that are delivered with a service wrapper enables on-going enhancements to be deployed alongside any bug fixing. This well-established model is an efficient, cost-effective way for you to remediate any issues in line while rolling out enhanced functionality and new features. 

Here are key reasons why it is so important to complete testing as soon as possible in a project. 



The ultimate purpose of software testing is not to find bugs, but to improve the product.  As a tester myself, I know I am contributing to further enhance the product’s quality and function before it reaches the end-user 



As testing progresses, a developer begins to understand a product’s functionality and general behaviour. This allows the developer to improve analysis power, learn and use new tools, and implement functionality in the way the end-user would want to have the product workThrough this, many developers are inspired as to how they can make a product even better after first-hand use. Even more, is the idea generation for new products based off these experiences.  



It all boils down to the end-user. The product owner will seek to give the best customer satisfaction.  As apps and software are tested, the customer should always be top-of-mind and offer the best user experience possible.  



Software development consists of many stages and if bugs are caught early on, it costs much less to fix them. The longer you wait and the further along you are in building your project, the greater the risk is in having to back track and spending more money to fix potential problems.