It’s been a tremendous few years at Silicon Reef. The agency was founded just twenty-four months ago, we now employ an expert team across the U.K. and we’re proud to have successfully launched over 400 O365 projects for leading national and global brands.

As Silicon Reef grows, it feels like the opportune moment for a smart new look and feel for the agency to support the next stage in our journey. We’re delighted to reveal our new brand and website, feel free to look around.

It’s our mission to support companies in their transition to an employee empowered working culture, where technical solutions crafted around your team and culture enable people to work in environments and a time frame that suits them. The result? A more dedicated, productive and happier workforce, and a better bottom line.

We are experts in creating people-led solutions that engage, empower and transform.


The new brand colours are closely connected with our story. The inspiration for the name Silicon Reef was a nod to great technology and the power of a successful digital ecosystem. Our new brand colours of coral, pale blue and greys represent nature and life.

The new logo is based around a wave but is formed of lines and dots – both symbolising people, technology and connection.


From the inception of Silicon Reef, our agency founders had a vision of creating an environment where work excellence and life found a happy balance. O365 technology enables remote working, seamless team communication and knowledge sharing. So, if the technology allows it, why should our business be any different?

The Silicon Reef approach embodies these values. We take a flexible approach to working hours and remote working, choosing to focus on tasks and collective responsibilities. Our projects are successful, our clients are happy and so too are the Silicon Reef team.  

Our new brand recognises the values of the agency and our focus on people and technology within our positioning statement – We are experts in creating people-led solutions that engage, empower and transform. 

Silicon Reef is still a leading O365 agency, our approach has always been personal and hands-on. Qualities we believe sets us apart from our competitors.

Giles Court – Managing Director, Silicon Reef “The new brand aims to showcase our expertise and growing position within the O365 agency market. We have big growth plans over the coming years. We’re focused on staying ahead of the current industry trends and new technologies particularly in the AI and Machine Learning areas. It’s going to be an exciting road ahead; the agency rebrand sets the foundations for what is going to be a journey of continued growth and success.”