Over the past few years video has become an increasingly important format for companies to communicate with their employees.  A 2minute video on a page is far more likely to be viewed than the corresponding amount of text.  To accommodate this growing requirement Microsoft provided O365 Video as an enterprise video streaming platform and more recently, Stream has also appeared and will soon supersede O365 Video. 


At Silicon Reef we noticed the demand for video was increasing but there wasn’t a simple way to interact with the video hosting platform directly from SharePoint.  It is possible to embed individual videos on a page but we wanted to create an interface that allowed users to upload files directly from SharePoint to the video platform and add their own cover image and tagging for a better search experience.  We then wanted those videos to be immediately available on the SharePoint site. 


By leveraging the O365 Video API we created a single page app that did just this.  There were a number of technical issues to overcome such as the uploading of large files but after a lot of hard work we had a simple and intuitive interface that can be implemented quickly and easily.  Users can upload, browse all the videos displayed as tiles on the page, filter by custom tags and search using keywords in the video title or description. All from SharePoint. 

Our clients have used this solution in many ways, but the main application has been for video hubs of user generated content.  We have also extended the solution to include documents and images to create knowledge hubs capable of handling any file or media type. 

With the general release of Stream, we have started to look at migrating the functionality but due to a lack of API we have had to put this temporarily on hold.  We hope to be able to resume this work soon and look forward to including some of the advanced functionality Stream brings such as the automatic creation of transcripts, facial recognition and advanced search that allows users to jump to specific parts of a video where a keyword is mentioned or person appears. 


For more information or a demo please don’t hesitate to get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to schedule a call to answer your questions.